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About Me

Domonick C Knight

Recording Artist, Poet, Songwriter Husband, father, Brother

First breath: Pittsburgh, PA

Raised on Motown, Bob Marley, Jazz, Tupac Shakur, Nasir Jones, Michael Jackson, The Beetles, Luther Vandross, chi-lites, and many more legends to name.

One thing they have in common is that their music can be played over and over again.

Going through hell to get to heaven helped me write poetry to cope.

My music is poetry so each time u listen you will uncover multiple meanings to my message.

Like the names mentioned above my intent is to create music to be listened to not heard, I put my life force in my poetry so that I can see eternity. Creating timeless content.

What makes me different is I do not curse in my lyrics or use the N word to refer to my Brethren. I simply wish to inspire today's idols that influence our kids. Music isn't meant to change minds, it's meant to enhance the spirit. All I hope is to make a lane for my vehicle to traverse all genres.

My last breath will be heard everywhere.


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